TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Safety Ride

Motorcycle helmets are not typically thought of as being stylish or trendy, but the options on the market today are much different from those of even just a few years ago. There are now many different manufacturers and models of helmets to choose from, so finding the perfect one for your needs is easier than ever.

Whether you are looking for a full-face helmet for maximum protection or something minimalist, there’s sure to be a style out there that’s perfect for you. Plus, with all of the safety features available in modern motorcycle helmets, there is no reason not to wear one every time you get on your bike. So check out some of the best motorcycle helmets available today and find the perfect one for your next ride!

Our Top Picks

ProfyHelmets created a list of the best helmets for motorcycle riders, based on our own research and reviews from real riders.

Shoei RF-1200 — The Coolest Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a motorcycle helmet with advanced safety features and a sleek design? Look no further than the Shoei RF-1200. This model is equipped with a shield system that provides a wide field of vision, as well as innovative new ribs to improve rigidity.

It also features a first and second layer of defense, making it one of the most safe and protective helmets on the market. Plus, it’s equipped with a fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry System II interior, making it both comfortable and convenient. Being DOT approved, you can rest assured knowing that the Shoei RF-1200 meets all safety standards.

So for style, comfort, and safety — the Shoe RF 1200 might be the best!


Meets safety standards

High level of comfort

Vast vision field

Easy to care


Outstanding design


Not found

Shoei Neotec II — Best Mens Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II is for riders who want the best in safety and comfort. This highly-aerodynamic helmet has a sleek design that cuts through the wind, and its advanced noise reduction technology ensures a peaceful ride.

Its ventilation system keeps you cool and comfortable, while its optically-correct visor protects your eyes from the elements. The Shoei Neotec II is available in seven sizes and eight colors, so you can find the perfect fit and look for your ride.


Good aerodynamic

Available in 8 colors

Has integrated sun shield

Nice ventilation


Some customers note it to be quite heavy

HJC RPHA 90S — Best Street Bike Helmet

The HJC RPHA 90S is another beautiful and high-quality modular helmet. What is great HJCRPHA 90S features a lightweight carbon fiber shell that is designed to dissipate impact energy. It also has an optical face shield that provides a clear view of the road.

The HJC RPHA 90S has a built-in sun visor — great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, and it also has an integrated communication system that allows staying connected while you are on the go.


Exclusive design

Built-in sun visor

Integrated communications system

Great ventilation system


The visor might fog up in cold weather

O’Neal Sierra II — Ultimate Choice of Extreeme Motorcycle Riders

The O’Neal Sierra II is must-have for those who appreciate safety and comfort on the road. Made from high-quality ABS material this model is both lightweight, durable, and ideal for long rides.

Air channeled liner keeps cool and comfort even in the hottest weather, while the integrated face shield protects against small stones and insects.

The O’Neal Sierra II is available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any style. This model comes with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.


Lightweight and durable

Moisture wicking, removable/washable comfort liner

Integrated face shield

Available in a variety of sizes and colors

Limited lifetime warranty


May be too hot for some riders in warmer weather

Arai Corsair-X — Most Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a high-quality motorcycle helmet that provides excellent protection and visibility? Look no further than the Arai Corsair-X. This DOT approved helmet meets or exceeds all safety standards, making it a great choice for any rider.

The Corsair-X features a quick-release lever for fast face shield removal, as well as a clear anti-fog Pinlock insert for all-season visibility. The Intermediate Oval head shape provides a comfortable fit, while the visor allows you to see clearly while riding.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an experienced rider, the Arai Corsair-X is the perfect pick for any level of rider. Order it ASAP and hit the road with confidence!


DOT and SNELL certified

Emergency release system

Comfortable liner that is removable and washable

Available in a variety of sizes

Unique design


High price

Bell Race Star Flex DLX — Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Race Star Flex DLX is nice choice for riders who demand the very best in terms of safety and performance. This helmet features a 3K carbon shell construction for superior strength and lightweight, as well as speaker pockets for convenient installation of aftermarket communications systems.

Additionally, the Bell ProTint photochromic shield technology ensures that your vision is never compromised, even in the most challenging light conditions. The DOT approved Race Star Flex DLX also meets the stringent FMVSS 218 Standard, making it one of the safest and most consultative helmets on the market today.


Carbon low weight shell

Comfortable fit

Perfect for long rides

Good vent system

Fog resistant visor


Not found

AGV Pista GP RR — Best Motorcycle Carbon Helmet

The AGV Pista GP RR is a premium motorcycle helmet that offers unmatched protection and performance. Its 100% carbon fiber shell is extremely strong and lightweight, and its aerodynamic design provides excellent stability at high speeds.

Its visor offers a wide field of view, while its scratch-resistant clear coating protects against debris and flying objects. Additionally, the interior parts of the helmet are easily removable and washable, making it easy to keep clean. DOT and ECE 22.05 certified, the AGV Pista GP RR is the perfect choice for serious riders who demand the best.


Superior construction

Perfect aerodynamic for high speed

Wide vision angle

Natural carbon shell


High price

ILM — Unbeatable Leader

This stylish and safe helmet is perfect for anyone who wants to stay protected while riding. The high resistance ABS shell ensures a tough and durability, while the micro metrically adjustable strap makes comfortable and secure fit. In addition, the cheek pads are lightweight, soft, and easily removable for cleaning.

With its sleek and lightweight design, this ILM reduces wind noise and offers a wide view clear visor. The modular flip-up function also makes it easy to take on or off quickly. Finally, the anti-scratch and anti-fog features keep your visor in great condition no matter how long your ride lasts.


Low price

Meets safety standards

Durable construction

Integrated sun visor


Not found

Sena Outrush — Best Helmet for Cruise Riders with Advanced Functions

The Sena Outrush is the premium motorcycle helmet that offers a host of features to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. The retractable sun visor shields your eyes from the sun, while the jog-dial operated controls let you easily adjust the volume or change functions.

With HD Intercom Mode, you can communicate with another rider in perfect clarity, and Bluetooth Intercom allows you to connect with other nearby rider. You can even use your smartphone to enjoy music, hear GPS navigation, and make phone calls while wearing the Sena Outrush.

It’s compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218), so you know it’s tough enough to handle anything the road throws your way.


Allows communication with rider nearby

Integrated audio speakers with crystal clear sound

Compatible with Smartphone

3-hour charge time


Not found

GLX GX11 — Best Street Bike Helmet

The GLX GX11 Street Bike is specially designed for riders who demand the best in terms of style, safety, and comfort. The aerodynamic DOT shell design provides impeccable impact protection, while the multiple ventilation panels keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. The large lower vent shutters make it easy to adjust the airflow, even while wearing riding gloves, and the trendsetting springs provide a superior wind and water sealant layer.

The unique 3D molded shield provides maximum visibility and protection, and the fully removable, washable, and replaceable microfiber inner material keeps you feeling fresh all ride long.


Super low price

Good vision

Comfort fit

Meets DOT standard


Some buyers are not satisfied with quality of materials

Who needs Motorcycle Helmets?

In accordance to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) helmets saved about 12,000 of motorcyclist lives in 2020.

While helmets are not required by law for riders in all states, we highly recommend wearing one whenever you ride. Motorcycle riders who do not wear head protection gear are more than three times as exposed to get fatal head injury in a crash than those who do.

Except saving your head in case of road accident it also reduces wind noise and protects your face from bugs and debris.

Must-Have Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to buying a new motorcycle head protection, there are several things you need to consider. The type of helmet, the fit, and the features all play a role in your safety while riding. So, we will discuss some of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a motorbike helmet. Read on to learn more…

Test and Certification

When choosing a head protection, it’s important to consider the test and certification.

All motorcycle helmets sold in the US must meet or exceed the requirements set forth in FMVSS218.

You can find this information on the label or sticker of your piece. The manufacturers choose to have their helmets tested by an independent third party like the Snell Memorial Foundation.

Snell-certified helmets are regarded to be the safest. They are worthy attention as the most reliable head protection.

Head Size and Comfort Fit

Measure your head when choosing a motorbike helmet. The small size can be tight and uncomfortable, while one that is too big may cause stability issues and even decrease safety level.

Pay attention to the presence of air slots near hair zone alongside temples provide extra air flow to stay cool during warm weather.


Good airflow is quite important when it comes to comfort and safety. Sufficient airflow inside should cool and prevent sweat from rider’s eyes allowing good vision.

The number and size of ventilation wholes may vary depending on model.

Vision and Noise

Choose a helmet that gives you a clear view of the road ahead.

As for noise, some models are designed to reduce wind noise, while others efficiently reduce engine sound.

Do not forget that motorcycle helmet should not block out too much noise to ensure safety on road.

Some Extra Features

When buying a motorcycle head protection it is important to find one that meets your needs and has all the features you’re looking for. Here are some key points to check before purchase:

Inner Padding

One of the most important features of a motorcycle helmet is the inner padding.

The padding is important because it absorbs the force of an impact in case of a crash. Select a model with high-quality padding that will offer good protection.

Inner padding is usually made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, and it can be found in different densities. Helmet with higher-density foam brings more protection than one with lower-density foam. Such helmet is heavier, more expensive, but safety is above all!

Another factor to consider — how comfortable inner padding is. You’ll be wearing your helmet for hours at a time, so make sure the padding is soft and comfortable.

Chin Strap

Another important feature is reliable chin strap. The chin strap keeps the helmet securely on your head in case of accident.

There are two main types of chin straps:

  • D-ring and quick release — are easier to fasten and unfasten, but they’re not as secure as D-ring straps
  • D-ring chin straps — the most secure, but can be difficult to fasten with one hand

Bluetooth Speakers

The convenience of a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers is one reason why so many people buy this type. You can use your own tunes or answer calls without interrupting traffic, and even listen to GPS assistant on the ride!

Be careful! Not all models are compatible with any phone.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

There are many different types of helmets for motorcycling available online, and each offers its own set of benefits and features.

Full-Face Helmets

Full-face helmets are the most reliable type of head protection. They provide coverage for all areas including eyes. Such kind of helmets has a visor that can be raised or lowered to shield against sun exposure, and even simply retracted when not needed. Also, full face motorcycle helmets got an array of other superior features like air system to keep up comfort and prevent sweat etc.

All of this make this kind of helmet ideal for motorcyclists who are a king on day riding,and don’t want to carry around sunglasses.

Only one significant downside of full face helmets is that they can be claustrophobic and hot, especially when summer.

Flip-Up Helmets

Flip-up helmets combineprotectionof a full-face type with the comfort of an open-face design.

This type has a hinged visor that can be flipped up instantly the scenery or down for additional protection.

Flip up helmet is also a good choice for riders who wear glasses.

Although flip-up helmets provide worthy protection, they are still not as safe as full-face ones. Also, like full-face helmets, they can be hot in the summer as well.

Open-Face Helmets

Open face helmets provide protection for your head and neck, but not much else =(

They are great for those who wear glasses, facial accessories and likes chatting when riding.

One drawback is that this type does not bring so much crash safety compared to other.

Half Helmets

This type is like a brain bucket, offers the lowest level of protection for your head. It covers only the top of head leaving the face and neck exposed to injury.

While this helmet type provides less protection than other ones, it is much lighter and cheaper. Its open-face construction makes it perfect for riders who prefer to wear goggles or sunglasses.

On the whole half helmet will be safe for slow city riders.

Dirt-bike Helmets

Dirt bike helmets are designed for off-road riding, and as such, they offer a few features that other types of motorcycle helmets don’t.

A good quality dirt bike helmet will provide your head with all-around coverage from any serious injury as well as saves your life in case of a crash. Whether you are an experienced biker or just starting out, it’s important to wear protection.

This type comes equipped with an integrated visor that can be lowered when necessary. It has more vents than other types of helmets so bikers don’t get too hot while riding during hot weather.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards

There are two main safety standards for motorcycle helmets: DOT and Snell.

  • DOT certified helmet is the minimum standard required by law in the US.
  • Snell certified helmet is more stringent and exceeds DOT certification.

There are also other safety certifications available as well. Take for instance ECE 22-05, which is the standard used in Europe.

Helmets that meet more than one certification usually have a sticker that indicates all of the certifications it meets.

Snell Memorial Foundation (M-95 / M2000)

The Snell Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops safety standards for a variety of sports equipment.

This head protections are some of the safest on the market. They’re used by professional racers.

To get Snell Memorial Foundation certificate, helmet must undergo a series of tests created to simulate real-world crash conditions.

These tests include impacts at different speeds and angles as well as penetration testing.

The Snell certification is a sign that the helmet will protect you from dangerous debris on the road. Be sure to look for this symbol when shopping, as it’s an assurance of safety.

D.O.T. (Department of Transportation FMVSS218)

D.O.T. approved helmets are the only type of helmet that is legal for use while riding a motorcycle in the United States.

The helmet that meets safety standards set by DOT organization is more likely to protect your head in case of serious crash or fall.

If you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet, be sure to choose one that has D.O.T. label to ensure your safety on the road.

European Standard 22/05

The European Standard 22/05 is the equivalent of our DOT standard in America. All motorcycle helmets sold across Europe must meet or exceed next requirements:

  1. impact absorption
  2. penetration resistance
  3. retention system strength testing

There are different tests for bike riders’ safety equipment in other countries. But in America, we use one organization that is known all over the world — Snell Memorial Foundation. They do all kinds of tests on products, including making sure they meet rigorous standards to prevent injury during falls.

European BSI 6658-85 Type A

The British Standard Institute (BSI) standard BS6658-85 Type A is the equivalent of DOT standards in America.

All helmets sold in the U.K. must meet safety standards, including the ability to absorb impact and resist to blows from either side without letting anything through. Helmets with BSI 6658-85 Type A certificate are safe to wear directly on skin.

Care Tips

We have prepared five easy care steps below so that your motorcycle helmet lasts for years.

  1. Don’t lay down on the ground — this can scratch the visor or damage the helmet;
  2. Clean with a mild soap and water or use some professional motorcycle helmet cleaner;
  3. Polish the visor with a soft cloth to keep it from getting scratched;
  4. Store in a cool, dry place;
  5. Inspect regularly for any damage, wear and tear.


Do I need a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, you need motorcycle helmet. In most states you undertake to wear a motorcycle head protection in accordance to low. In addition, it extremely increases chances to survive in case of road accident.

What is the best material for a motorcycle helmet?

The best material is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber helmets are lightweight and have excellent impact absorption properties.

When I need replace my head protection?

You should replace it every five years or so, depending on how you use it and how well you take care of it.

How do I know if my motorcycle helmet fits right?

It should sit snug but not too tight. You can test the fit by trying to move it up and down or side to side. In case your helmet moves it is likely too big. However, if the helmet is difficult to move it is too small.

Can I use my motorcycle helmet for other activities?

We do not recommend using motorcycle helmet for other activities because it may cause more wear and tear.

Sum Up

A motorcycle helmet is a must-have piece of gear for anyone who wants to ride. While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, the truth is that a good helmet can save your life in the event of an accident.

Make sure you choose a helmet that fits well and offers adequate protection.

Don’t forget to wear it every time you get on your bike! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.