10 Best Hard Hats of 2022 — Ultimate Buying Guide

A hard hat is a type of helmet made from high-density plastics and metal alloys. It is worn by construction workers, engineers, and other industrial professionals to protect the head from injury during workplace accidents.

While there are many different types and brands of helmets available on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best hard hats on the market and explain why they are worth purchasing.

Our Top Picks

There are a few reasons why you might need a hard hat. Maybe you work in construction, or perhaps you’re an avid outdoorsman who likes to hike and camp in areas with low-hanging branches. Whatever the reason, it’s important to choose the right hard hat for the job.

Hard hats are not one-size-fits-all, and there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing one. In this guide we’ve included reviews of our top ten favorite hard hats on the market today.

MSA 475407 Skullgard — Leader in The Hard Hat World

MSA 475407 Skullgard is designed to provide comfortable, reliable head protection in hot, dangerous industries. The hat features a ratchet-type suspension that adjusts easily and provides a comfortable fit. The tough thermoplastic shell protects against falling objects and flying debris, while the smooth crown ensures comfort and allows easy use of earmuffs and other personal protective equipment. This product also has built-in slots for mounting earmuffs and face shields.

It’s available in a variety of colors to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a tough, reliable product that will keep you safe on the job, the MSA 475407 Skullgard is the way to go.


Multi-purpose bump cap

Top level of protection

Customizable fit


Some customers note it can be easily scratched

Klein Tools 60407 — Advanced & Most Comfortable Hard Hat

The Klein Tools 60407 is a great option for anyone who needs a durable and reliable protection for his head. It is made from high-density polyethylene, and it features a four-point suspension system that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit.

It also has built-in ear protection, and comes with a removable face shield for added safety. The Klein Tools 60407 is available in three sizes, and meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.


Comes with cool quick-release LED light

Resists to odor and sweat

Scratch resistant


Available only in 2 colors: white and yellow

Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10 — Budget But Still Cool Hard Hat

The Evolution Deluxe is a hard hat with a full brim and ratchet suspension. It has an ANSI/ISEA Z89 -2009 (Class C) & CSA Z94 -2015 (Type I) rating and is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This hard hat model is good ventilated and has a moisture-wicking sweatband. It also includes an accessory slot for ear protection, face shields, or other items.

The Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10 is comfortable to wear and provides great coverage. The brim helps keep the sun out of your eyes and off your neck. Its ratchet suspension system is easy to adjust and keeps the hard hat snug. Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10 is also super lightweight and available in 4 colors as well.



Has full brim for extra protection against sun, glare, rain and falling debris

Exclusive 3D adjustment

Does not gather water


Straps could be more solid

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat — Best Construction Hard Hat

The Pyramex HP54117 Ridgeline Is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable hard hat. It’s made with a tough ABS plastic shell that can withstand impact and debris. It features a ratcheting suspension system that allows you to adjust the fit of the hat for a comfortable, secure fit most head sizes.

The Pyramex HP54117 Ridgeline also comes with a handy brow pad that helps to absorb sweat and keep your forehead dry, and it’s available in a wide range of colors to suit your personal style.


Ultra lightweight

Nice look design


Fake carbon look

Available in only 1 color

LIFT Safety — HDF50C-19WC — TOP Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

The LIFT Safety — HDF50C-19WC is one of the lightest and strongest helmets on the market. It’s made from a composite material that’s 50 percent carbon fiber and 50 percent Kevlar, making it incredibly strong and lightweight.

It also has a built-in visor that shields your face from the sun and debris. LIFT Safety — HDF50C-19WC is equipped with a ratchet suspension mechanism that allows you to adjust the fit of the hat for maximum comfort.

If you’re looking for a top-notch helmet that will protect your head while working in all conditions, LIFT Safety — HDF50C-19WC is good choice for any job site. Order yours today and be prepared for anything.


Lightweight and strong

Integrated brim visor

Ratcheting suspension system


May be too lightweight for some users

TRUECREST Hydro Dipped Black Full Brim — Good Value for Money

The Truecrest is a full-coverage hard hat perfect for those who want complete protection while working. The hydro dipped shell provides a tough and durable surface, while the padded interior ensures a comfortable fit.

This budget hard hat also features an adjustable ratchet suspension system and a vented design to keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.


Tough and durable

Padded interior

Adjustable ratchet suspension system


Fake carbon style

Noa Store Full Brim Hard Hat — Simple and Reliable

The Noa Store HDPE is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, durable, and comfortable hard hat. This product features a ratchet suspension system that is easy to adjust and provides a comfortable fit. The Noa Store HDPE is also equipped with an integrated sun visor that helps protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This hard hat is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Price leader



May have problems with straps

Hat Tote — Worthy Every Cent

This is a great option for anyone who needs a durable and reliable hard hat. This piece is made from fiberglass, and it features a ratchet-type suspension system that is easy to adjust. The Hat Tote also has a sweatband that is comfortable and absorbent.


Comes in 7 exclusive styles


Triple enforced crown for extra protection



PETZL Vertex Vent — Best For Work at Height

The PETZL Vertex Vent Hard Hat is a top-of-the-line safety helmet that gives superior comfort and protection. Featuring a six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, the Vertex Vent fits snugly and securely on your head. The adjustable-strength chinstrap ensures a comfortable and secure fit, whether you’re working at height or on the ground.

Well done ventilation holes with sliding shutters allow for airflow through the helmet, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable even in hot conditions.

What is great about this hat it has the potential for integration of headlamp, additional hearing protection, and multiple accessories. Vertex Vent is a truly modular helmet that can be customized to meet any specific needs.


Fully customizable




Fibre-Metal E1SW01A000 Super Eight by Honeywell — Classic Choice

The Fibre-Metal E1SW01A000 Super Eight Hard Hat is optimal choice for any worker. On impact the SuperEight energy control system dissipates force by reducing it to smaller increments and spreading it over a greater area.

The exclusive smooth crown design contains a technically advanced suspension with eight load bearing points to stabilize and balance the hat during everyday wear.

This classic hard hat is also equipped with an easy-to-use ratchet adjustment system that provides customized fit. When you need maximum protection on the job, trust the Fibre-Metal E1SW01A000 Super Eight Hard-Hat to keep you safe.


Lightweight and comfortable

Made from tough polycarbonate material

Adjustable headband for a perfect fit

Scratch-resistant visor



What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hard Hat

When it comes to choosing the best hard hat, there are a few factors you need to take into account in order to make sure you’re getting the right product for your needs. In this section, we’ll go over some of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for head protection. 

Types and Classes

Hard Hats come in two main types — I and II. The difference between them is that type 1 has a plastic covering over its outer surface, while type 2 has not; this affects how long they last for since plastics don’t break down as quickly when exposed to water or UV sunlight.

Type I is designed to protect against impacts to the top of the head, they are not intended to provide protection from lateral (side) or vertical (top-to-bottom) impact energy.

Type II is designed to protect against both top and lateral impacts.

There are also three classes of hard hats, based on their level of electrical insulation:

  • Class G — General purpose. Recommended for use where there is a risk for contact with low voltage conductors (up to 1000 volts DC or 1500 volts AC).
  • Class E — Electrical insulating. Required for use where the risk for contact with high-voltage conductors (up to 20,000 volts).
  • Class C — Conductive. Can be used where there is no potential for contact with electrical conductors.

When choosing a hard hat, it is important to select one that is appropriate for the task at hand, as well as the environment in which it will be used. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and care.

Work Type Color Code

Most hard hats are white, which is the color code for general purpose. Other colors are also available and each has a specific meaning:

  • Yellow — denotes caution and is typically used in construction work zones
  • Orange — alerts workers to the presence of low-hanging objects
  • Red — designates danger, such as areas where high voltage wires are present
  • Green — indicates safety and is often used by safety directors or other designated personnel
  • Blue — typically used by supervisors on worksites
  • Brown — frequently worn by forest Service employees
  • Purple — sometimes seen in mining applications
  • Gray — an uncommon color that may be used to designate special circumstances

Note! Not all hard hats are available in any color. When choosing a head protection, be sure to select one that is visible and appropriate for the task at hand.

Material and Design

As we mentioned earlier, most products are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a type of plastic that is lightweight, yet tough and durable. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some manufacturers also offer hard hats made of fiberglass or Kevlar. These materials are more expensive than HDPE, but they offer better protection against penetration and puncture wounds.


Hard hats are available in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large. To ensure a proper fit, most manufacturers offer sizing charts on their websites. It is important to note that hard hat sizes are not interchangeable between brands.

When trying on a hard hat, be sure to adjust the suspension so that it fits snugly, but not too tight. The brim should sit level on your head, just above your eyebrows. If you wear ear protection or respirator with your hard hat, be sure to try them on together to ensure a comfortable fit.

Once you have found a hard hat that fits well and is comfortable to wear, make sure to adjust the straps as needed so that it stays in place. Most hard hats have four-point suspension systems that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit.

Suspension System

The suspension system is what keeps the hard hat in place on your head, and it is important to choose one that is comfortable and easy to adjust. Most hard hats have four-point suspension systems that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit.

There are three main types of suspension systems:

  1. pinlock
  2. wheel ratchet
  3. quick-latch

Pinlock suspensions are the most common type, and they use two pins to attach the hard hat to the headband.

Wheel ratchet suspensions use a knob to tighten or loosen the headband.

Quick-latch suspensions have a lever that can be pulled to release the headband.

The right suspension system will make your ride more comfortable and give you peace of mind knowing that it won’t need to be adjusted often. If you will be wearing your hard hat for long periods of time, or in a dusty or dirty environment, a quick-latch suspension system may be the best option.

Vents and holes

Most hard hats have vents or holes to help keep your head cool and comfortable. The number and location of the vents will vary depending on the brand and model.

Some hard hats have removable plugs that can be used to cover the vents when necessary. This is helpful in cold weather or if you are working in a dusty environment.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and care of your hard hat, as some brands may not recommend covering the vents.

Additional Features

Hard hats are a great way to protect your head in certain situations. Some models come with built-in face shields and offer extra protection from debris or chemicals, so you can stay safe on the job site without having any concerns about what’s happening around them!

Other hard hats have headlamps or lighting systems that can be used in low-light conditions. Some hard hats come with integrated ear protection for use in noisy environments.

When choosing a hard hat, it is important to consider the task at hand and select one with the features that you need.

Types of Hard Hats

You can opt one of three main types depending on your needs:


The full type provides superior protection from most debris. This is the ideal choice for those who deal with lots small particles flying around or falling objects because it protects you against everything without worrying about getting hit by something big.

Cap style

This helmet type has a shorter brim that only extends around the front and sides of the head. These are more versatile than full-brim types and can be worn in a variety of settings.


This is special type designed for specific tasks or environments. There are mining hard hats that have integrated lighting and ventilation, and there are products for firefighters that are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Benefits of Using a Hard Hat

Hard hats provide more than just safety on a construction site. They also help you stay cool in hot weather, save your life from electric shock when machinery rebuilds — all without sacrificing your ability to move around freely!

Protection from head injuries

Hard hats are designed with the worker in mind. They can protect from blunt force trauma, hard impacts and electrical shocks. Some models have built-in suspension systems that help keep the helmet away from your head in case you fall.

UV protection

Another benefit of hard hats is that they can help protect your head from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Products with a brim can help shade your face and eyes, and some hard hats even covered with special UV resistant materials that help protect the wearer’s scalp from sunburn.

While products are not required in all settings, they are often recommended or even required in different situations. Employers require workers to wear helmets when working on construction sites or in other hazardous environments. Some states have laws mandating the use of hard hats in certain industries, such as mining or logging.

Insulation from extreme cold or heat

ard hats made from metal or other materials with good thermal conductivity can protect your head from exposure to high temperatures, while products with built-in insulation can keep your head warm in cold weather.

Apart from protection against extreme temperatures, they can also help reduce noise levels. This is especially important in industrial settings where loud machinery is used. Models with ear protection reduce the amount of noise that reaches the worker’s ears and minimize the risk of hearing loss.

Prevention of eye injuries

Hard hats with a brim can help deflect flying debris, and some products even have built-in face shields that provide additional protection. To protect your eyes from flying debris, it also helps protect your vision in low-light conditions. Many of them have integrated lighting systems that provide illumination for the wearer, and some even have reflective materials that help increase visibility in low-light conditions.

Reduced exposure to sun and rain

Another benefit of hard hats is that they can help reduce your exposure to the sun and rain. Hardhat models with a brim save your eyes from the sun, while built-in ventilation keeps you cool in hot weather. In addition, hard hats with integrated rain covers keep your head dry in wet weather. 

Improved visibility

Some hard hats have reflective materials that help to make the worker more visible to other people and vehicles. Reflective materials can be in the form of stripes or patches, and they are usually located on the front and back of the hard hat. The reflective material helps to make the worker more visible in low-light conditions and when working near traffic. In some cases, reflectors may also be required by law. For example, many states require construction workers to wear hard hats with reflectors when working on a highway or other busy road. By wearing a hard hat with reflectors, construction workers can help to improve their safety while on the job.


Hard hats are designed to provide safety and protection in the workplace, but they can also be uncomfortable. Some models come with features that help reduce this risk of discomfort like padding or ventilation slots for breath ability; if you’re wearing your hard hat every day on site then these extra touches might make all the difference!

While they are not required in all settings, they offer many benefits that make them well worth considering. If you work in extreme environment at high temperatures, noise, or sun and rain, a hard hat can help keep you safe and comfortable. When choosing a head protection, be sure to select one that meets your needs and is comfortable to wear.

Peace of mind

Another benefit of hard hats is that they can help provide peace of mind. Wearing a hard hat allows you to be confident in your safety, and it can also help put your mind at ease.

How to Wear a Hard Hat Properly

ard hats come with an adjustable suspension system that allows the hat to be worn low on your head, or high. To get it just right for you and avoid any tilting forward/backward positions are key when adjusting this part of the product so its level without being too tight nor oversized around your dome.

The brim of the hard hat should extend down over your forehead, providing shade and protection from the sun and rain. If you wear glasses, safety goggles, or a face shield, they should fit snugly under the brim of the hard hat.

To ensure a proper fit, follow these steps:

  1. Start by adjusting the size of the headband. Most products have an adjustment knob at the back of the headband that can be turned to loosen or tighten the headband.
  2. Use the suspension system to adjust it up or down on your head, until it sits level.
  3. Check that the brim of the hard hat extends down over your forehead, providing shade and protection from the sun and rain. If you wear glasses, safety goggles, or a face shield, they should fit snugly under the brim of the hard hat.

Care Tips

Hard hats are not indestructible. With proper care, however, they will last a long time. Here are some tips on how to take care of your hard hat:

  • Store your hard hat in a cool, dry place when you’re not using it
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Clean it regularly with mild soap and water
  • Inspect your hard hat for damage before each use
  • Replace any cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged parts immediately
  • Never store your hard hat upside down. This can damage the suspension system

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Hat

How often should I replace my hard hat?

Depending on the type of work you do, you may need to replace your hard hat every year or two. If you work in a hazardous environment, you should inspect your hard hat regularly for damage and replace it as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a full-brim and a cap-style hard hat?

Full-brim hard hats offer more protection from the sun and other environmental hazards. Cap-style hard hats are lighter and cooler to wear in hot weather. 

Can I add stickers or paint to my hard hat?

You can add stickers or paint to your hard hat, but be sure not to cover up any of the manufacturer’s warnings. This may void the warranty.

What should I do if my hard hat doesn’t seem to fit well?

Most products come with an adjustable suspension system that allows you to customize the fit. If your hard hat still doesn’t fit well, try wearing a headband or beanie underneath it to help make it more comfortable.


A hard hat is an essential piece of safety gear for anyone working in a construction or industrial setting. It can help protect you from serious head injuries, and may even save your life. Make sure you always wear a hard hat when working in potentially hazardous areas, and check the fit and condition regularly to ensure it provides maximum protection!

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