The Ultimate Adventure Helmet Guide

Any adventurer knows that a good adventure helmet is essential for any trip. Whether you’re cruising down the ski slopes, exploring the rainforest, or just spending time with friends and family at the park, an adventure helmet will protect your head from anything Mother Nature can throw at you. Sure, they all might look alike on the outside – but when it comes to safety and protection, no two helmets are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you find the best adventure helmet for your needs!

What is an adventure helmet and why do you need one

Riding your bike without any protection can be really dangerous for you, your friends and even other people on the road. Helmets are not just eye catching accessories to look cool with. They are essential tools to keep you safe during riding activities.

You need it when riding a motorcycle to protect yourself from getting into accidents. Helmet is the only thing that can really protect you from injuries when in case of a motorcycle accident.

There are many types and designs for helmets available nowadays. They have been made to meet the needs of riders with different preferences and tastes in terms of style, comfort and function. Helmets with open face design give more protection than those with the full and open one.

The use of helmets is mandatory in most states and countries especially for new riders. You can actually get a fine or worse, be involved in severe accidents if you will not wear the right kind of helmet that fits your head while riding a motorcycle on the road.

Types of helmets – full face, open-face, motocross

Motorcycle helmets are classified by the type of riding in which they will be used. These three types of helmets can also be referred to as a ‘full face helmet’, an ‘open-face helmet’ and a Full Face Helmet: These helmets cover the entire head and provide the most protection for your entire body. They typically feature a chin bar that extends below the mouth area, keeping wind and road debris away from the rider’s face. While offering maximum security in normal conditions, they do restrict peripheral vision and will fog easily if worn without goggles or tear-offs (strips of clear plastic film) installed on the visor. Because they are not designed to have accessories or goggles attached, they are heavier than other types of helmets.

Open Face Helmet: Open face helmets generally provide protection for your eyes, nose and mouth area while offering great peripheral vision. They typically feature adjustable vents that will allow rider to customize airflow through the helmet. This means that you can regulate airflow and comfort while riding, making them especially popular in warmer climates. Open face helmets do not provide the same level of protection as a full face helmet and should never be used for dirt bike riding or any other off road activities.

Motorcross Helmet: Moto-X helmets are similar to open face helmets, but they come with built-in goggles which protect the rider’s eyes from wind, dust and debris during motocross racing. Moto-X style helmets include large oval shaped vents that allow airflow to travel through the helmet – this is critical because motocross riders will often ‘pump’ their head both up and down (while seated on their bike) to increase speed. Goggles absorb some of the wind that enter into these vents – without them, the rider could experience a potentially dangerous amount of aerodynamic drag.

Top Adventure Helmets Currently Available

LS2 Helmets Blaze Adventure Helmet

The LS2 brand has been around since the late 90’s and its helmets have undergone continuous evolution. The result of this is a line-up of very reasonably priced, high quality products. Many companies offer entry level motorcycling products, but not all can provide a product that is as comfortable or versatile as the Blaze, which was developed to meet a wide range of needs.

The helmet is composed almost entirely from injection molded ABS Plastic. This makes it lightweight (weighing in at 1194g, 3lbs 5 ounces,) strong, and low cost to produce. In addition to it being one of the key ways that LS2 keeps the cost of their helmets down, it also has other benefits. The plastic used does not absorb much moisture at all, which will be a boon to commuters who find themselves wearing this helmet for long periods in cold weather. A word of caution however – I have read reports that the shell is more brittle than most polycarbonate shells, so care should be taken when handling or storing the helmet to avoid damage.

The visor opens via a slider on the left side of the helmet. Though some people are accustomed to opening their visors by simply pushing them into place, doing so with this design will most likely result in breakage. Instead, pull out on either side of the slider then push forward to open. It may take some practice to get the hang of it, but once you have the motion down, it’s a quick and convenient way to open your visor.

O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

If you’re looking for a new full-face motorcycle helmet at an entry-level price, you might want to take a look at the O’Neal Sierra II. This is available in sizes ranging from extra small to triple extra large. As far as safety goes, this model meets DOT criteria but it doesn’t meet the stronger Snell safety standards. The lack of SNELL certification isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if your bike is equipped with an engine smaller than 600CCs (just make sure that it’s legal in your area first). Even though this helmet doesn’t meet all of the recommended safety guidelines, it still does provide riders with some decent protection against penetration because it’s constructed out of thermoplastic alloy

The O’Neal Sierra II is equipped with several features that make riding more comfortable, especially during the hot summer months. The presence of cheek pads made from basic foam means that there’s nothing special about this product’s level of comfort. However, it does have large exhaust vents that can be opened or closed easily by rotating a set of sliders located on either side of the helmet. These vents are manufactured using plastic but since they’re situated close to the ears, you won’t end up feeling discomfort because your head will remain cool throughout the ride. Assembling this full-face motorcycle helmet is child’s play and only requires you to follow simple instructions so even novice riders should be able to complete this task in less than one hour.

The O’Neal Sierra II is a good choice for most riders who ride on the street because it provides, they with a nice range of features and still comes at a really affordable price point. It isn’t held to very high safety standards but it does come with some useful features that will help you stay cool and comfortable during long rides. The matte black color means that this helmet won’t stand out and if you’re concerned about safety, you can always purchase an aftermarket face shield for added peace of mind. This model costs $169.99 which is quite cheap compared to other helmets of its size.

– Unique design – Decent level of comfort (foam cheek pads) – interior (can also wear earplugs) – Plastic vent sliders (easily broken)

– Not Snell certified (not recommended for high performance bikes)

Bell Unisex-Adult Off Road Helmet

This helmet, available in Black and Hi-Viz Yellow, is perfect for the off road rider. It comes equipped with a flat black visor that can be easily removed. This is especially great for riders who find themselves on dusty trails because it allows them to clean out their helmet during breaks. The interior of this new Bell lid uses X-Static padding which reduces odor caused by bacteria build up. Lightweight aerospace alloy rivets secure the straps to the shell while ensuring that they are durable enough for long term use. They also reduce bulkiness factor making this helmet very comfortable under your chin!

This lightweight DOT approved helmet features an Air Strike direct course ventilation system which forces cool air over your head while removing heat and humidity from within the helmet.  The X-Static padding makes this helmet comfortable and odor resistant, lightweight and easy to clean. It also features speakers for MP3 players and a detachable visor.

Summary: This is the perfect off road helmet because it is very well ventilated as well as being DOT approved! I can tell you from experience that this thing works better than most helmets at keeping your head cool on hot days! It comes in two colors (black or hi viz yellow). The styling of the helmet itself is great and it feels good on your head even after wearing it all day long. The only real disadvantage I found was that it is fairly expensive compared to most other helmets on the market.

ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

The helmet comes in black and green colors, according to the version you choose when you order. It has a double shield visor, for better protection from the sun during long rides with your full-face open face helmet kicking up dust or raindrops in your eyes. The chin strap is very easy to use, making this fitted strap closure system an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a dual sport motorcycle helmet that is also comfortable enough to be worn on commutes or while riding passenger along paved roads.

The interior padding of this ILM dual sport helmet is removable for washing purposes. This is especially important if the helmet has been worn by other riders (sweat stains are common among helmets), or if it has gotten dirty during use. The extra padding also serves to make the ILM dual sport motorcycle helmet fit more comfortable on your head, giving you less of a headache when wearing it for long periods at once.

The sizing of this ILM off road motorcycle helmet is adjustable, which makes it even easier to ensure that this dual sport motorcycle helmet will remain snugly fitted no matter how much you move around while riding your motorbike. If you want to prevent any injuries that may come from not having a sturdy enough fit around your forehead, then this ILM dual sport motorcycle helmet might be the perfect one for you!

The ILM off road helmet also comes with a removable and adjustable visor, which makes it even easier to enjoy this dual sport motorcycle helmet during any season of the year. This is because you can easily remove the visor in warmer weather when it feels like too much protection against sunlight or when riding at high speed under very hot conditions that give you the feeling that your head might sweat profusely if covered with anything restricting airflow.

This ILM off road motorcycle helmet is very lightweight for its price, weighing about 2 lbs when empty (without extra face shield and padding). The material covering this helmet may make some noise while riding above speeds of 70 mph, but this isn’t something that affects most riders unless they’re planning on using their ILM dual motorcycle helmet for racing purposes.

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet gives riders a great helmet at just under $200. The comfort, style and performance of this helmet is one that should be considered by any rider, whether you are starting out or want something just for fun.

Read more to find out what we liked about the product and why it’s rated 4 out of 5 stars in our eBike store!

The design is modern and stylish with a classic look. It has a matte black finish with silver trimming around the bottom of the face shield, where there are also vents on either side to keep your head cool while riding. There are several color schemes available from Bell, but the basic color is matte black.

Weighing in at just over 3 pounds and with a dimension of 13 X 10 X 9 inches, this helmet is considered on the smaller side. However, it will still provide enough coverage to keep your whole head safe and protected from impact. There are also some small vents behind the face shield that can be opened or closed as needed to better regulate temperature inside the helmet.

The design is built with high impact ABS outer shell that provides durable protection, while protecting against decent impacts as well as those smaller bumps you may encounter on a daily ride. Another benefit of the ABS construction is that it allows for easy cleaning and waxing so this helmet will look good for years to come!

Ventilation is great for this helmet, especially considering how lightweight and compact it is. You can open and close the vents as necessary for temperature control with a slider on the front of the helmet. There is also an internal sun visor built in so you won’t have to worry about carrying around extra sunglasses with you when riding, although we recommend bringing them along just in case!

The Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet is made with a removable, washable interior that allows you to maximize its life and keep it smelling fresh between rides. This helmet does come standard with a clear face shield, but there are options that include either tinted or you don’t want to drop hundreds on a high-dark if smoke shields as well, depending on which one fits your personal preference best. out there especially

Now let’s talk about price. We’ve seen a lot of helmets that are just as good or better than the Bell Qualifier at a lower price. However, this helmet does have its advantages over some others- this helmet is built to last. The quality of materials and design mean that you can get a lot of use out of it, for years! Also, you won’t have to worry about recharging or replacing the battery in your

GoPro when using one either because there is a special cut-out that allows you to access the power plug directly from inside the helmet!

The Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet may not be perfect but overall, it’s a great choice. It has a very reasonable price point, especially considering how durable and well made this helmet is. You aren’t going to find another helmet at this price with this kind of durability! If you’re looking for something lightweight and stylish with impressive features without breaking the bank, the Bell Qualifier is for you.

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