The Best BMX Helmets from Top Level Brands – Review 2021

Bicycling is an awesome sport that’s catching on in popularity all over the world. From kids to adults, people are enjoying riding bikes for transportation and recreation. It has never been easier to get into this kind of sports thanks to improved bike technology and increased public awareness of cycling safety. But there is one thing you should never forget when you hop on your bike – your helmet!

In fact, your bicycle can be a dangerous weapon if not handled properly, which means it’s important to take precautions before every ride. One way to do this is by wearing a BMX helmet while biking or skateboarding, also known as “protective gear”. They’re designed specifically with these activities in mind and will help protect against head injuries if something goes wrong.

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet – Ultimate Choice for Youth

Bring your best “Tricks” to the pavement with a Pro-Tec Classic BMX Helmet. Durable, light, and inexpensive enough for any budget, this helmet has everything needed to make sure you stay protected while working on your newest trick. Available in various colors and sizes, the Pro-Tec classic also features adjustable straps for custom sizing while an ultra low profile design will allow aerodynamic performance at high speeds. 11 open vents provide quality airflow that can keep you cool when cruising through hot weather or warm-up fast after cooling down during cooler months. Its durable hardshell construction is ideal for aggressive riding styles.

Retrospec Dakota Bicycle and Skateboard Helmet – Almost Panzer Protection

The Dakota helmet from Retrospec is a classic-styled BMX and skateboard helmet. This lightweight and durable item will keep you safe as well as comfortable all day long. The six rectangular vents help to regulate the temperature by sending warm air up and preventing heat buildup. Adjustable pads give a custom fit that’s sure to meet your needs, whether it is for safety or fashion purposes. You know what it can look like when helmets get sweaty… That’s why the manufacturer included an anti-odor padding material to prevent sweat, bacteria and unpleasant smells from damaging this awesome product!

Retrospec Dakota Bicycle and Skateboard Helmet – Almost Panzer Protection

POC’s Coron Air Spin helmet just might be the coolest, most innovative helmet ever! Get the protection you’ve always wanted with an integrated SPIN (shearing pad inside) to reduce damage in angled falls. Never worry about breathing again; this baby gotcha covered with incredible airflow and ventilation. With easy-to-use breakaway cables for adjusted safety, ear chambers that support your balance and hearing, or a chin bar made for comfort and breathing – you’re never left scrambling when you need to name your next move!

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet – Perfect Option for Kids

When you’re biking, skateboarding, scootering, or tearing down the street on your BMX blocking traffic then it’s time for this bad boy. The Triple-Eight Bike and Skateboard Helmet is urban equipment at its finest. Featuring an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner and dual certification for cycling and skateboarding alike, the protective ABS shell gives you a snug fit that does not interfere with peripheral vision and access to headphones (with fabric pass-through). If you need something low profile for those BMX track days as well as commuting in efforts to make sure no one sees how late your errands took you, combined with an adjustable chin strap made especially for streetwear charmed by the crossbones design—you’ve found yourself a winner.

TurboSke Multi-Sport Helmet – Universal Protection for Pretty Reasonable Price

The TurboSke Multi-Sport Helmet is a protective headgear that’s both comfortable and protective. It features: 11 vents for perfect ventilation, but without compromising on coverage; unisex sizing for a wide range of sizes and needs; liner is removable and washable to keep your helmet clean; adjustable fit so you can adjust it as you prefer, even if you wear glasses or change hairstyles.

The entire design focuses on durability—making this piece environmentally friendly, too! Made with only top-quality supplies, the TurboSke has an ABS hard shell and an EPS foam interior to provide ultimate protection from all sorts of falls. It’s a well-crafted apparatus designed specifically for those looking to do a variety of activities.

##Buyer’s Guide – Things to Look for When Buying a BMX Helmet

  • Fit – this is probably the most important factor. If a helmet doesn’t fit properly, it will be useless regardless of its other features. To ensure your head stays safe and secure inside, look for adjustable straps that are large enough to cover as much area on your face as possible.
  • Size – these vary with age group so make sure you know what size fits you best before buying one online or offline. The circumference should be around 54cm for adults while kids need helmets appropriate to their age range which can be anywhere between 12-14 years old depending on height requirements.
  • Construction – the type of material used in helmet construction is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a BMX helmet. The shell must be made from tough materials that are able to absorb shocks, without causing any damage to your head during an accident.
  • Ventilation – your head can get very hot and sweaty during long rides. If you want to stay as cool as possible, look for helmets that have a sufficient number of vents that allow the air in without compromising on safety standards.
  • Weight – this is often overlooked but it’s an important factor to consider if you plan on riding your BMX bike every day or even more than once per week. A lightweight helmet will make things easier and comfortable allowing you to focus on other factors like speed and balance when performing tricks with the help of ramps, platforms etc..
  • Extra safety features – aside from offering enough protection for your head in case of an accident at speed, you should also look into additional safety features that could help reduce unnecessary impacts while riding. These might include MIPS technology, but remember that they must have passed specific tests to ensure their effectiveness when used by BMX riders.

Types of BMX Helmets

To start with, there are two main types of BMX helmets: Full Face and Half-Shell. Both offer protection against impact, but they are designed to protect your head in different circumstances. Half-Shell helmets cover the top and back of the skull only while Full Face covers all of it including ears and chin area. The difference lies in how long and where you usually ride for: if you’re mostly riding BMX bikes at skate parks or just cruising around town with friends then a half-shell helmet can be enough because most crashes happen when falling off – not during riding. On the other hand, full-face helmets provide better coverage so that is why people wear them more often for racing purposes where speeds go up much higher than normal street use.


Do BMX helmets expire?

– Yes, all helmets will expire. You can check the manufacturer’s date of expiration inside your helmet; some may even have a sticker explaining how to register it with them. If you cannot find any information about the expiry date on your helmet or in its manual then assume that they last for around five years after their manufacture date before needing replacement

Can I use a BMX helmet for motocross?

– No, a BMX helmet is not an MX helmet. A bmx and motocross helmets are very different in design for one purpose: to protect you from different types of impacts while doing their respective sports.

Are MIPS helmets really better?

– Yes, the Multi-directional Impact Protection System was designed using a wind tunnel and computer models from brain injuries. MIPS is essentially a low friction layer between your head and helmet to reduce rotational forces on your brain caused by angled impacts.

How much should I spend on a bike helmet?

– There is no magic price point for a BMX helmet. As long as your purchase meets the safety standards of CPSC, ASTM or SNELL then you should feel confident that it will do its job in protecting you from an impact.

What is the difference between youth and adult helmets?

– The only difference between youth and adult helmets is the size. Youth helmets are sized to fit heads that measure around 20 inches in circumference, while an adult’s helmet will accommodate up to 24 or 25 inches depending on their specific brand of the bike helmet.

Final thoughts

One of the most important things to remember when you hop on your bike is to always wear a helmet! This simple safety precaution can help prevent serious injuries or death from happening in case of an accident. It’s been proven that wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 85%. In addition, helmets protect against other types of injuries such as cuts and scrapes. If you’re still not convinced about why it’s so important for cyclists to wear a helmet every time they ride, think about this – more than 1 out 10 cyclist deaths are related to traumatic brain injuries caused by riding without a helmet. So what do you say? Let’s make sure we and our kids don’t become part of these statistics.