Best Wakeboarding Helmets – Pro Selection!

Wakeboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’re new to this water sport, you might be wondering what kind of equipment you need to get started. The first step is to find the best wakeboard helmet. It will protect your head from impacts and help you stay comfortable while you ride. There are a lot of different models available on the market today, so it can be real challenge to pick one that covers your needs 100%.

Fortunately, ProfyHelmets team put together a list of the best rated helmets for wakeboarding. We’ve considered factors like fit, comfort, durability, quality and spent about 120 hours for research of hundreds approved reviews.

Regardless of your experience check out our fresh rating of TOP helmets for wake boarding and find ideal variant for your next ride.

Wakeboard Helmets Rating

Whether you’re newbie to wakeboarding or you’ve been shredding the waves for years, it’s always important to wear head protection. In this rating we’ve included a variety of different helmets to suit any budget and preferences, so we are sure you will find one that will totally satisfy your expectations.

Let’s go!

Triple 8 – Ultimate Choice for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

The Triple 8 is our choice #1 for wakeboarding and waterskiing, since it was specially designed for water sports in mind. Its construction provides superior protection and high level of comfort for kids, youth, and adults. The outer shell is made from high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer that is extremely durable and able to protect against hard side and frontal impacts. In addition the hard shell is also made of three foam layers wrapped in plush fabric that wicks moisture away from the face. Apart from this the Triple Eight features dual-density, closed-cell EVA foam for extra layer of protection in case of a fall.

This model is equipped with an adjustable chin strap for snug fit while side-release buckle allow instant take off in case of emergency.

Those who are demanding on cleanliness and fresh look but don’t like wasting time on care will appreciate stink-free, moisture-wicking, three-layer foam that always keeps your head dry and comfortable.



Perfect water drainage

Great ventilation


Soft inner liner for comfort fit

Quick dry


Not found

ProTec Ace – All Must-Have Features Included

The ProTec Ace helmet is a must-have for any serious wakeboarder, kayaker or kite surfer. It provides full surround interior protection, thanks to its high density injection molded ABS shell. The dual density waterproof EVA liner ensures that you stay dry and comfortable, even in the most challenging conditions.

The helmet is also equipped with a multi-use rear mount strap, which can be used to attach goggles, a head light or a camera. Additionally, the 15 open vents provide both ventilation and drainage, while the adjustable rear fit system ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Finally, the removable cupping ear guards with water channels help to reduce noise and protect your hearing.


Doesn’t collect water

Easy to dry

Comfy adjustable fit



Not found

Sandbox Classic 2.0 – Good for Beginners

The Sandbox Classic 2.0 helmet is the perfect choice for watersports enthusiasts who want a minimal design. The tough ABS shell is durable and provides excellent protection, while the flexible EVA liner conforms to your head for a comfortable fit.

Its patented vent system with three vents helps to keep you cool, and the removable fit pads with optional water ear pads ensure a custom fit. Whether you’re wakeboarding, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding, the Sandbox Classic 2.0 helmet has you covered.


Comfy fit

Robust outer shell

Inner lines does not absorb water


Would be great to add more vent wholes

Sandbox Legend – Probably Best for Extreme Riders

The Sandbox Legend is recommended for wake boarders who ride in dangerous areas and conditions. Its stylish look combined with ABS shell and EVA liner that provide essential head protection. This model is equipped with eleven vents that divert water efficiently away from the head, while the removable fit pads ensure a comfortable fit. The helmet comes with optional water ear pads for added protection.

Best of all, the Sandbox Legend is certified for water sports, so you can rest assured that it will keep you safe while you enjoy your favorite activities.


Adjustable fir system

Great ventilation and drainage

Soft inner liner for better comfort


Some customers note it lacks GoPro mount

NRS Havoc Livery – Best Value for Money

The NRS Havoc Livery is one of the best options for advanced wake boarders. The combination of lightweight ABS plastic shell and the glued-in EVA foam liner offers superior impact protection. This model has universal one-size-fit design however you can adjust it to accommodate almost any head size with a special DialFit system.

Apart from this, the helmet features adjustable chin strap for a comfortable and secure fit. Its plush FIT pads in key contact points provide extra comfort, while the ten drainage ports let air in and water out.

The NRS Havoc Livery is available in bright red, yellow, blue and matte black. Be sure to find a color that suits your style.


High quality materials

Superior vent & drainage

Reliable protection from hard impacts

CE 1385 approved


Sizing issues may occur

Pro-Tec Full Cut Water – Cool Style & Reliable Protection

The Pro-Tec helmet is a great combination of style and safety. The high density injection molded ABS shell provides robust protection, while the retro style will turn heads on the water. It features multi-use rear mount strap which is not only great for holding goggles in place, but also gives you the option to attach a GoPro to capture all the action.

Its dual density waterproof EVA liner protects your head from impacts, and the 11 open vents ensure that you stay cool and comfortable all day long. Whether you’re hitting the waves or cruising down the river, the Pro-Tec helmet is the perfect way to stay safe and stylish.


Comfy fit

Outstanding look

Ears protection

Great drainage

Compatible with goggles, camera


Some customers report about sizing issues

NRS Chaos – Pro Selection

The NRS Chaos was specially designed for professional wake board riders who demand ultimate protection and high level of comfort. Its ABS plastic shell is tough yet lightweight, and the 8 vents help to keep your head cool even on the hottest days. The BOA ratchet system makes it easy to get a secure and snug fit.

At just 525g, this model is also one of the lightest on the market, making it ideal for those who want to avoid feeling weighed down when they’re out on the water.

It should be stressed that the NRS Chaos is safety approved so you can be confident that this helmet meets the highest safety standards and you can ride in extreme conditions and in the risky area.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the NRS Chaos might be a great option for anyone who wants to stay safe while enjoying their time on the water.


Improved head protection

Adjustable fit

Certified for water sports

Optional ear covers


Not found

Gath Neo Sport Hat – The Lightest in the World

The Gath Neo is the lightest wakeboarding helmet available on the market, weighing in at a mere 450 grams. This makes it ideal for riders who want to minimize fatigue and maximize their performance. In addition, the Gath Neo provides all-around protection for the head, with a unique fitting system that ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

This model offers separate ear protectors, which can be easily removed to expose the ears. Furthermore, the Gath Neo is equipped with adjustable audio vents that allow the rider to shut out the cold wind or open them up to improve hearing.

Whether you’re looking for superior comfort or maximum performance, the Gath Neo has everything what you need.


Ultra lightweight

Forehead and ears protection

Comfortable fit


Some buyers report about sizing issues

Mystic MK8 X – Uncompromising in Protection & Comfort

The Mystic MK8 X is a piece that successfully combines protection, style and comfort. It was purely designed and certified for watersports: wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. The lightweight outer shell is made from high-impact thermo plastic and features ventilation holes to keep you cool and comfortable.

Its well-designed drainage system ensures that water will not collect inside the helmet, and the adjustable headstrap ensures a snug and secure fit. The detachable fit mesh pads can be removed for washing, and the fidlock quick release chin closure can be opened with just two fingers.

The Mystic MK8 X also features customizable padding to ensure personalized fit.


Lightweight and shock absorption construction

Fits almost any head type

Prevents water collecting

Made of high quality materials


Not found

Gath SFC – Unbeatable Safety & Comfort

The Gath SFC is a premium line helmet for water sports. It is ultra lightweight, with a construction that only weights 270-305 grams! Despite being so light, it is still very durable and equipped with a unique fitting system that allows for a comfortable and secure fit.

This model boasts quick-drying inner materials which prevent the helmet from absorbing any unpleasant smells. Additionally, the ear protectors can be removed or attached, making it easy to adjust to the conditions. Whether you are looking for a helmet to use in warm or cold weather, the Gath SFC is a great option.

It’s worth noting that the Gath SFC is approved by the SLSA and certified by EN 1385, so you can ride with confidence even in the most dangerous areas with reefs, sharp corals and shallow water.


Integrated visor to prevent your eyes from water drops

Meets the strongest safety standards for water helmets

Very lightweight

Great for cold and hot conditions


Not found

Simba Sentinel – Best Level of Impact Protection

The Simba Sentinel is another premium helmet for water sports with a lightweight and aerodynamic construction for maximum efficiency. This model has a low profile shell design that provides extra coverage on the forehead and ears for additional impact protection.

This helmet is equipped with the Halo Fit Pad system for a comfortable and secure fit. The Halo Fit Pad system ensures that the helmet stays in place during vigorous activity and prevents water from entering the helmet.

Overall, the Simba Sentinel might be one of the best options for pro wake boarders who ride on the edge.


Ears and forehead protection

Adjustable straps

Lightweight construction

Aerodynamic design

Protection from water penetration


Not found

iPoob – Best Water Helmet with GoPro Mount Plate

The iPoob is a must-have head protection for any adrenaline junkie who loves spending time on the water. Whether you’re wakeboarding behind a boat, kayaking down a river, or whitewater rafting, this helmet will keep you safe and comfortable.

Its outer shell is made from high impact ABS, and the soft EVA impact absorption liner provides extra 360 degrees impact protection. This model also features an integrated NVG mount plate, so you can attach a GoPro camera or other action cam to capture your extreme sports adventures. The air-vent system ensures that you can breathe easily and also drains water efficiently, while the black stainless steel rivets add a touch of style.

The iPoob is equipped with adjustable straps which makes sure that the helmet fits snugly and won’t come off in the middle of your fun.

Best of all, the iPoob meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re totally protected.


Allows camera mount

Great water drainage

Fits most head sizes and shapes

Certified for water sports


Not found

Razor V-17 – Best for Youth

The Razor V-17 created with style and comfort in mind. Its sleek design and cool colors will make you stand out from the crowd, while its ergonomic interior padding and water-repellant inner lining will keep you comfortable and dry. The side release buckles make it easy to adjust and fasten the helmet, while the 17 top and side vents help to divert water away from inside.

This model is also lightweight and features a secure fit, which makes it ideal for ages 8 to 14.


Ergonomic fit

Perfect drainage

Outstanding design

Adjustable straps


Not suitable for adults

First Watch – The Sound of Budget

The First Watch is a worthy choice for wakeboarding enthusiasts who want to capture their stunts on camera. This piece is equipped with a mount plate for a GoPro, so you can easily attach your camera and record your rides. The hard ABS shell provides strong impact resistance, and the waterproof lining helps to keep your head dry.

This model also features vents for ventilation and water drainage, and the head size adjustable system ensures a comfortable and secure fit.


Camera mount

Advanced fit system

Soft inner liner for better comfort


Customers note it to be very basic

Surlim – Teens & Kids Wakeboard Helmet

The Surlim is a soft protective helmet. Thanks to light weight and comfortable fit it can be a good option for beginners. Made from polyester and high density foam, it is designed to absorb impact and protect your head.

Its shell has multiple air vents to keep you cool, even during strenuous activity. The adjustable chin strap and rear laces insure a proper fit. Whether you are riding on wakeboard, kayaking, or surfing, the Surlim will help keep you safe without sacrificing comfort.


Soft shell

Suites most head sizes and shapes

 Lightweight


Requires drying after use

Why Do You Need a Helmet for Wakeboard?

Anyone who participates in water sports knows that safety is always the top priority. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, it’s important to have the proper gear to help keep you safe. One essential piece of equipment for wakeboarding is a helmet. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a quality helmet while wakeboarding:

  • Head protection. One of the most serious dangers of wakeboarding is head injuries. Because riders are moving at high speeds and often performing tricks, they can easily lose control and fall. When falling, riders often hit their heads on the board or the water. As a result, wearing a helmet is essential for all wakeboarders. A helmet designed for wakeboarding will protect your head from side and frontal impacts and prevent serious injuries.
  • Comfort. The helmet is designed to keep your head warm in cooler weather. It can also shield your eyes from the sun and glare on the water. Moreover, a well-fitting head protection is able to reduce wind noise, making it easier to hear other riders and instructors.
  • Participation in competitions. According to the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Rule Book, all competitors are required to wear a wakeboard helmet while competing. This rule was put in place to help protect athletes from head injuries. While wakeboarding is generally considered to be a safe sport, there is always the potential for falls and collisions.

Buying Guide to the Best Helmets for Wakeboard

When it comes to wakeboarding, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why it’s important to choose the right helmet before hitting the water. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a wakeboard helmet.

Outer shell material

The outer shell is one of the most important parts of wakeboard helmet. It absorbs and dissipates the force of a fall, thus protecting the rider’s head from serious injury. Its construction needs to be tough to withstand impacts, and lightweight enough to not weigh you down while riding.

There are three main types of materials used for outer shells:

  • Polycarbonate – is the most common type of material used. It’s lightweight and impact-resistant, making it a good choice for beginner and intermediate riders.
  • Fiberglass – is another popular material, which is also lightweight and impact-resistant. However, it’s not as strong as polycarbonate, so it’s not ideal for advanced riders who are likely to experience more severe impacts.
  • Carbon fiber – is the strongest type of material available, making it the best choice for experienced riders or those who ride in extreme conditions. However, it’s also the most expensive option.

Ultimately, the choice of material will depend on your skill level and budget.


When choosing a helmet, it is important to find one that fits snugly and provides good visibility. The size of the helmet should be based on the circumference of your head. To determine this, wrap a tape measure around your head just above your eyebrows. If you are between sizes, it is better to choose the larger size.

In addition to head size, you should also take into account the shape of your head when choosing a helmet. For example, if you have a rounder head, you may want to choose a helmet with more coverage in the front. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that you choose a wakeboard helmet that will keep you safe and comfortable while riding.


A helmet should fit snugly and securely, without being too tight or uncomfortable. It should also have ample padding to cushion your head in the event of a fall. When trying on helmet, be sure to adjust the straps so that it sits level on your head. The chin strap should also be tightened so that the helmet doesn’t slip off in the event of a wipeout.

Inner padding

When shopping for a helmet, it’s important to pay close attention to the padding. Together with hard shell it works as additional layer of protection against bumps. The padding should be thick enough to cushion your head in the event of a fall, but does not impede your vision. The best way to determine the ideal thickness is to try on different helmets and see how they feel.

Another important consideration is the type of material used. Many helmets use foam padding, which can break down over time and lose its ability to protect your head effectively. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to choose a model with gel or silicone-based padding. This type of padding is more durable and will provide long-lasting protection for your head.

Water drainage

While many helmets on the market claim to be “drainable,” it is important to choose one with proper drainage in order to keep your head dry and comfortable. The ideal helmet will have multiple drainage holes in the bottom and sides. This will prevent water from collecting inside and divert it away from your head.


It is important to choose a helmet with good ventilation. It should have large vents on the top and sides, allowing for maximum airflow. Some models feature vents that can be opened and closed, providing even more control over the amount of ventilation. By choosing a well-ventilated helmet, wakeboarders can stay cool and comfortable in any conditions.

Ear protection

Choose a helmet that will provide ear protection. This is especially important for riders who are regularly exposed to loud noise, such as when riding behind a boat. While some helmets come with ear pads that can be inserted, others have built-in ear cups that provide a more secure fit.


Wakeboarders typically prefer helmets that have a visor, which helps to deflect the sun and spray from the water. The visor also provides protection from low-hanging branches and other obstacles. When choosing a wakeboard helmet, it is important to select one that fits snugly and provides good visibility. A helmet with a visor can help to keep you safe and comfortable while riding.

Safety approval

There are several different safety certification standards that a wakeboard helmet can meet, but the most important is the CE EN 1385. This certification ensures that the helmet can withstand impact and protect the rider’s head in case of a fall. Models that meet this standard are required for competitive wakeboarding, so it is important to make sure that your helmet meets this certification if you plan on competing.

In addition to the CE EN 1385 certification, many wakeboard helmets also meet the ASTM 2040 standard for recreational use. This standard is not as rigorous as the CE EN 1385, but it still ensures adequate protection for casual riding.

Whether you are pro rider or just amateur, make sure your head protection meets the appropriate safety standards.

Chin guard

A chin guard is an essential piece of safety gear for wakeboarders. A chin guard helps to protect the rider’s face from impact in the event of a fall. It also helps to keep the rider’s head stable and prevent the helmet from coming off during a fall. While some riders choose to ride without a chin guard, it is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate riders.

Types of Wakeboard Helmets

There are many different types of wakeboarding helmets on the market, but not all of them offer the same level of protection. Take for instance, some models only provide protection against low-impact collisions, while others are designed to withstand hard multiple impacts. When choosing a helmet, it is important to consider the type of riding you will be doing and the level of protection you need.

Single impact wakeboard helmet is designed to protect your head from a single, severe impact. As a general rule, such kind of helmets is made of a soft material that cradles your head, and it has a hard outer shell that disperses the force of the impact. This type of helmet also has a chin strap that helps to keep it in place, and it offers enough protection for your head and neck.

Multiple impacts helmet for wakeboard is built to withstand multiple hard hits. This is especially important for extreme wakeboarding, where falls are often repeated and riders land on their heads. The multiple impact wakeboard helmet features an improved shock-absorbent liner for better protection against repeated impacts. In addition, the helmet’s shell is made from a durable material that resists breaking and cracking. As a result, the multiple impacts helmet provides higher level of protection for riders who are looking to push themselves to the limit.

Can I ride on a wakeboard without helmet?

While there is no legal requirement to do so in most places, many experts recommend wearing one for safety reasons. Wakeboarding can be a dangerous sport, and there is always the potential for head injuries. A helmet can help protect your head in the event of a fall or collision.

How to find out my helmet size?

To determine the size of helmet, you’ll need to measure your head circumference. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure around your head just above your eyebrows and ears. Write down this measurement and compare it to the sizing chart. Choose the helmet size that is closest to your head circumference measurement.

Note! It should fit snugly on your head. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. You can usually adjust the size of the helmet by tightening or loosening the straps.

Can I use bike helmet for wakeboard?

From a safety standpoint, it is not recommended to use a bike helmet for wakeboarding. Wakeboard helmets are specifically designed to provide protection against the types of impacts that can occur while wakeboarding, such as falls onto water or into objects like docks or trees. For these reasons, it is not considered safe to use a bike helmet for wakeboarding.

Is it legal to ride on wakeboard without helmet?

There is no federal law in the United States that requires riders to wear helmets while wakeboarding, however some states have passed laws requiring minors to wear helmets. It is always best to check with your local authorities to be sure.

Is an expensive wakeboard helmet better than cheaper one?

There is no definitive answer, as both expensive and cheaper models can be good or bad. A more expensive helmet will likely have more features, such as a better fit and more padding, which can make it more comfortable to wear. However, some cheaper ones are made from just as high-quality materials as more expensive helmets, so it really depends on the specific model you’re looking at.


A wakeboard helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for anyone who enjoys this popular water sport. While wakeboarding can be a relatively safe activity, there is always the potential for serious head injuries in the event of a fall. A helmet can prevent your head from impact and minimize the risk of injury.

When choosing a helmet for wakeboarding, it is important to consider the size and fit, as well as the level of protection it offers. In addition, riders should always choose a head protection that is specifically designed for wakeboarding, as this will ensure the best possible level of protection.

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