Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet: A Comprehensive Guide

This detailed review of the best modular snowmobile helmets will help you make an informed decision before buying a new helmet. Check it out and see which one is right for you!

What is a modular snowmobile helmet?

A modular snowmobile helmet is a combination of a traditional full face and open-face ski / snowboard helmets. It looks like a regular motorcycle or bicycle helmet, but it has a small flip out section which can be lifted up to allow you to sip some hot chocolate or take off your goggles during breaks. When the weather gets colder at night time this is also very useful as their isn’t an extra layer on top of your head that may cause overheating.

What are they good for?

They’re great because they give you all the protection from impacts that any other helmet does while allowing you break away from traffic and enjoy fresh air without needing another piece of equipment (like sunglasses) blocking your eyesight! They also fit comfortably underneath a snowmobile suit hood.

Advantages and disadvantages of modular helmets

The advantages of modular helmets include the following:

  • Full face protection from impacts and snowsports elements while allowing you to break away from traffic for a bit!
  • Allows your goggles or sunglasses to fit comfortably underneath the helmet when not in use. This also keeps them out of harms way if they’re left on top while going through bumps, trees, etc.
  • Allows your goggles or sunglasses to fit comfortably underneath the helmet when not in use. This also keeps them out of harms way if they’re left on top while going through bumps, trees, etc.

What about disadvantages? There aren’t many things wrong with these types of helmets, but I’ll go into some things that you should know.

  • When wearing a backpack, if the helmet is not properly secured it may fall off your head and snap shut on top of your fingers as they’re going through the straps! If this happens to someone I was responsible for teaching them about this potential hazard so at least there’s one person who can learn from my mistakes hahaha.
  • The best modular snowmobile helmets are quite expensive compared to traditional ski / snowboard helmets or even motorcycle & bicycle ones. Obviously, everyone has different budgets, but just know what you’re getting yourself in for before making any purchases! The price isn’t always indicative of quality either.

What makes a good and bad modular snowmobile helmet?

  • The ability to replace / upgrade parts. For example being able to buy a new visor or face shield as they inevitably get scratched over time is important! This will also extend the life of your helmet and reduce future costs.
  • It’s always nice if it fits well, but the most important thing here is that you can actually open & close all vents without any problems! If they don’t work properly then this could be very dangerous as poor air flow during snow sports may cause overheating which leads to fatigue, headaches, etc. (the opposite of what you want). Make sure every vent works perfectly before purchasing one of these helmets for yourself or someone else! You should also make sure the chin strap is comfortable and that the modular piece comes up high enough in front to cover your nose!
  • Most important of all, you want it to be safe. It’s hard for me to justify spending so much money on something pretty if I know there are risks involved. There are many brands with excellent reputations who have passed numerous safety standards already, but remember nobody can guarantee 100% protection from everything no matter how expensive their helmets may be. Be careful out there everyone!

What makes a bad modular snowmobile helmet?

  • The most common problem here arises when trying to snap down or unsnap the visor or face shield part while wearing gloves because they’ll get in the way! If you’re unable to do this easily then it’s not a good helmet for snow sports.
  • If any vents don’t open or close properly (or at all), if the chin strap is uncomfortable, and/or there aren’t enough of them present on your face shield / visor, these can all be signs that you need to look elsewhere for something better. I’d recommend sticking with brands which have safety certifications such as DOT & SNELL; they know what they’re doing when it comes to making helmets and this means you’ll generally get more features without risking anything too dangerous like sharp edges or poor air flow during use.

Best Modular Snowmobile Helmets Available Now

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM is the latest in helmet technology, utilizing modern polymers to create a shell that is both lightweight and strong. The inner EPS liner provides additional impact resistance when compared to traditional helmets which only contain an injection-molded ABS shell

The front intake vents are designed to funnel cool air over the rider’s head while ventilation in the back of the helmet is created by 4 rear-exiting exhaust vents that allow hot air to escape.

The helmet’s exterior dimensions were designed with the male facial features in mind, and when combined with a removable neck roll (to reduce wind drag), internal chin curtain (reduce noise) and quick release visor make this an excellent street bike helmet for most any type of rider.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM, an electric motorcycle helmet maker based in Germany, has introduced its latest Bluetooth integrated modular flip up full face motorcycle helmet – the GMR.

The new model got its name from the abbreviation of Global Motorrad Renaissance (Global Motorcycle Renaissance). The name may sound familiar because ILM also used it for their previous flagship model – the GMR V1.1.

What’s special about this new flip-up ILM product is that unlike said predecessor which required customers to completely disassemble it to remove/replace batteries and wiring harnesses, the new unit comes with all electronics preinstalled thus allowing easy user access before assembling other parts into one complete helmet. ILM says that installation doesn’t require any expert knowledge or tools. This makes assembly/disassembly extremely easy (for rider and workshop) simply requiring attaching or removing the visor.

ILM integrated modular flip up full face motorcycle helmet GMR is based around an injection molded ABS thermo shell which can be easily removed to grant access to the inner parts of the product. The shell comes with a transparent anti-scratch, anti-slip and UV protected screen with an optical class that may surprise you for this price range – Carl Zeiss Vision.

An inside layer made from technical polyester fleece provides moisture wicking for both skin comfort and keeping most glasses fog free. There are also detachable cheek pads available in three different thicknesses so riders won’t have problems closing their eyes while wearing glasses.

YEMA YM-926 Modular Full Face Helmet

The Yema YM-926 modular full face moto helmet features a fiberglass/DynoLite shell which is available in your choice of three colors; matte black, gloss carbon fiber, or polished carbon fiber finish. The interior liner is made of removable washable CoolMax material with antibacterial agent treatment for permanent freshness and high level of comfort. It has adjustable chin vents (10mm) which allows you to close them when cold weather arrives. It also comes with an anti-fog, scratch resistant clear face shield. The YM-926 is DOT/ECE safety standard approved and meets or exceeds the Snell M2015 standards.

The Yema YM-926 full face helmet is one of the big sellers in Amazon, most likely due to its budget friendly price tag. It has a sturdy build, comfortable padding and cool features like air vents, visor with fully adjustable detentes, easy shield removal mechanism and very good visability through the wide eye port. The clear shield can be opened up to 90 degrees for increased air flow.

This helmet is suitable for riders with glasses as it allows for eyeglass wearers. It is very comfortable however some riders find it to be noisy. The helmet has a venting system that lets in just the right amount of air to keep your head cool or warm, depending on the weather conditions. The visor can also be manually moved up and down by pushing thumb buttons which are located at the base. If you have never used a helmet with this feature before, it may take you awhile to get used to adjusting it for opening/closing, but once mastered there’s no problem using it.

TORC T27B1 FWT RS L T27B Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

The TORC T27B1 FWT RS L T27B Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth is a full face modular helmet contemporary style. The exterior shell features an attractive carbon fiber design.

This DOT standard full face motorcycle helmet comes complete with a clear and smoke bubble shield (pinlock shield sold separately), one-touch chin bar release, and easy-to-use drop down sun visor. The interior liner is fully removable and washable. Includes breath guard and chin curtain as well as speaker pockets for communication systems installation. If you want style, protection, convenience and affordability all in one package this helmet may be the one for you!

BELL SRT Modular Helmet – Blackout

BELL SRT MODULAR HELMET – BLACKOUT is a modular helmet manufactured by BELL. It’s part of Bell’s Sport Tactical Series, which also includes the Bell RS-1 and the Bell Star series. The chin bar can be raised in less than one second by hand without any additional assistance from the latches and it is silent when you raise and lower it. You can easily stow or deploy it while riding your motorcycle if you need to communicate with someone nearby, such as when at a group ride where riders are likely to chat.

The Carbon Fiber shell on this modular helmets features a low profile aerodynamic design which has been wind tunnel tested to reach speeds of 140+ mph without generating lift. It is made from 100% carbon fiber and weighs just less than 1.5 lbs., making it ideal for professional and amateur racing applications as well as street riding.

The SRT Modular Helmet’s internal drop down Speedview® sunvisor and Everclear™ face shield allow the rider to have maximum visibility in all types of riding conditions, while it’s Emergency Release System quickly releases or detaches the cheek pads from the helmet through a convenient side access port that allows emergency personnel to evacuate an injured rider faster.

At 1020 grams (including chin bar, built-in sun visor, face shield & peak), this Bell Modular Helmet has been recognized by the ECE as a “GT Advanced Helmet”.

The Bell Race Star is the newest addition to the more than 60-year legacy of Bell Star™ Helmets. Available in carbon fiber or composite shell, with refined fit and new Speedview® drop down sun visor system. It has been designed from scratch to match the needs of today’s professional racing world, with both Drake Off-Road and Chris Merritt spending years developing technologies aimed at providing racers with an extra edge over their opponents.

In this article we’ve reviewed the best modular snowmobile helmets available in the market. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we had to take into consideration some particular features that made it easier for us to put together a list that includes products which can be used on and off the snow. We’ve also taken into consideration how easy it is to install and remove the modular helmet visors. We hope you found the post useful and will be able to choose a helmet for your next adventure! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.