Best Dual-Sport Helmets 2021

A dual-sport helmet is a type of helmet that is meant to be used off-road on dirt bikes, motocross, and even road riding. They are similar in shape to full-face or open-face helmets but they have an extra chin bar.

Dual-sport helmets are a must for motorcycle riders and ATV enthusiasts. They provide more safety features than traditional street bike helmets while still being designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. It can be difficult to find the perfect helmet, but we’re here to help! In this article, you’ll learn about dual-sport helmet reviews, how they work, and what questions you should ask yourself before buying one of these important protective items.

KLIM Krios Helmet – Cool Design Combined with Functionality

Combining the performance features of a full-face helmet with the convenience and comfort of riding in an open face, KLIM’s Krios Dual-Sport Helmet is one tough nut to crack. With its lightweight engineering, usability, and durability you’ll be hooked after just one ride! The visor makes it easy for things like changing eyeglasses or letting down your hair without fear of messing up your look. The release system lets you remove the visor in case you want to enjoy a wild adventure by yourself.

The one thing that sets this helmet apart from others, though, is a brand new type of venting system. Unlike most other companies who inject air directly into helmets’ interior to fend off heat, the vents on the front of the helmet are designed to help cool your head indirectly by sucking in air from outside. This scenario sounds better until you get inside and realize it doesn’t work at all.

Shoei Hornet X2 Seeker – Ideal ADV Helmet for Long Trips

You just got the coolest helmet to go riding. With Shoei’s premium engineering, you’re armed with all the latest features for unbeatable protection against wind noise and fogging. You’ll love being able to listen to your favorite music on long rides because it has speaker pockets. The breath guard is always there when you need it, no matter what angle your head is at. This DOT-approved helmet will give you a perfect fit so that hours of riding are even more enjoyable. It also includes UV protection – don’t feel bad going out in that gorgeous sun! Superior ventilation allows clearer vision in any weather conditions.

The visor might drag in wind above 60 mph, but it doesn’t cause a significant problem with visibility.

GDM DK-650 Helmet – Budget King

The GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet is designed for both off-road and asphalt adventures. The helmet absorbs the shock of impact without compromising airflow, so you have all the comfort you need on your travels. You can remove or rotate its visor shield to optimize visibility — a feature only found in higher-end helmets! Best yet, it’s always fully adjustable for a personalized fit.

The GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet is designed for both off-road and asphalt adventures. The helmet absorbs the shock of impact without compromising airflow, so you have all the comfort you need on your traveYou’ll love this sleek design that never gets too hot under the heat of the sun, no matter where you are. Features include aerodynamic shell-made light composite poly-alloy that’s also lightweight with full ventilation holes to keep your head cool while taking long rides out on dirt paths or You can remove or rotate its visor shield to optimize visibility — a feature only found in higher-end helmets! Best yet, it’s always fully adjustable for a personalized fit.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet – The Best Option for Driving on the Edge

Save your noggin with the MX-9 motorbike helmet for mild to high speeds. This lightweight ABS shell is durable, making it just as great for off-road adventures. With MIPS technology, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your head will stay guarded against concussions in case of a crash. The shield offers nonstop protection from sun glare and reflective elements so you can see everything clearly while cruising or climbing mountains. Finally, antibacterial lining removes sweat odor fast when sizes are spot on to your exact dome shape – no need to worry about the stink when there are endless miles ahead of you.

Unfortunately, this Bell model comes without a tined shield. This option will cost you an additional $40.

LS2 – Best in All Weather Conditions

One of a kind, the LS2 is a cross-country trail bike helmet that can be worn on your bike or for other activities. Built-in sunscreen and a wide eye port accommodate most major brands of goggles, this dual sport helmet provides you with safety without taking away from any fun. The co-molded shell allows for thick outer plastic, while still being lightweight providing full protection to the head and face — the ultimate combination.

  1. Impact Protection – this is the most important consideration you should look for in a dual-sport helmet. Be sure that it possesses adequate padding, made of thick material, and covers all spots on your head where it can come into contact with something sharp or hard enough to cause an impact.
  2. Visor – is a must-have for all dual sport helmets. A good one should be flat and stable (won’t wobble around). The face shield needs to be fog proof, scratch proof, shatterproof and made of optical quality material that won’t distort your view.
  3. Ventilation – the more vents there are, the better it is because ventilation will help keep your head cool even when riding at high speeds or under hot weather conditions.
  4. Weight – a heavy helmet makes it difficult to wear and can cause neck strain when riding at high speeds, especially on rough terrain or over long distances. Therefore choose the lightest one possible that still offers all needed protection features.

Other Desirable Features

  • Anti-fog cover on visor
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Removable padding

How to Fit a Dual Sport Helmet Correctly?

Dual sport helmets are designed to fit snugly. This helps prevent them from shifting during an impact, which can cause injury to your head and neck. You should not be able to take off the helmet with one hand while it is on your head. If you need two hands or significant effort try adjusting the strap. If that doesn’t help, go for a different size until you find one that fits correctly without any extra pressure points.

How to get know what size is right for you? The best way to do that is by trying it on in person at a store. Be careful when buying on-line since sizing varies between manufacturers.

Difference Between Dual-Sport and Regular Motorcycle Helmets

As you can guess from the name, a dual sport helmet is meant for two different purposes. They have to be comfortable enough to wear both off-road trails and cruising highways. A regular motorcycle helmet may not be able to provide this comfort as it was designed exclusively for a certain type of riding – either street or dirt/off-road.

Design is another difference between these two types of helmets: while a traditional full-face helmet has lots of ventilation openings, including air vents near your mouth and nose, dual sports are built differently – there’s less venting since its main purpose isn’t heat dissipation but rather protection.

Dual sport helmets usually feature fewer aerodynamic features. This is because the wind resistance isn’t as important when you are riding off-road since it doesn’t require high speeds to travel over rough terrain.


If you’re a motorcycle rider, it’s essential that your helmet is up to date with the latest safety features and technology. The dual-sport helmets we’ve provided are intended for off-road use but can also be used on roads if needed. These helmets provide more protection than traditional open face or half helmets because they have an attached face shield that protects the nose from being broken in case of an accident. For those who ride motorcycles at all times, consider getting a dual-sport helmet so you don’t need to buy two separate types of headgear.